October in the Station

Your child passes more developmental milestones between birth and her third birthday than during any other period of life. Think about it. In the course of those three years, healthy girls and boys gain mastery over their physical bodies. A child who at birth could not even raise her head now can walk, run, hop, jump, and use the toilet without help.

Your child has developed mentally and socially, too. She boasts an impressive ability to reason, understand cause and effect, and hold the attention of people many times older than herself. She can express her ideas, desires, and likes and dislikes with great fluency. Every child is an incredible miracle.

It is obvious that your young child is growing physically, mentally, and socially. But did you know that important spiritual growth is taking place in her as well? In October, we will nurture that growth through Bible stories of individuals who served important roles even in their youth. Samuel began to help at church when he was little more than a toddler. Miriam helped her family by watching over her baby brother Moses. A servant girls spoke to her household about God’s power to heal disease. One little boy offered his food and saw Jesus feed more than 5000 people. Young Timothy listened attentively as his mother and grandmother taught him about God.

Like Samuel, Miriam, Timothy, and the others, your child can do, see, touch, hear, and learn much about the Bible at church. We count it a privilege to work with you during this important and exciting time. Be assured we are praying for you as you lead your child to hear, know, and do God’s word.

Here are the stories we are reading this month:

  • Samuel helped at church (1 Samuel 2:1-36, 3:1-21)
  • Miriam helped her family (Exodus 2:1-10)
  • A servant girl helped (2 Kings 5:1-16)
  • A boy shared his food (John 6:1-13)
  • Timothy learned (2 Timothy 1:1-5, 3:14-15)


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