Looking for Lonely Places

My day started off pretty normal, but when my youngest daughter decided she didn’t want to nap, I decided to bake some cookies with her….that’s when it all went downhill!  She loves doing the ‘dumping’ and ‘stirring’ of the ingredients, but today, when I turned to grab something, she decided to add the eggs – shells and all!  As soon as I finish fishing shells out of the batter and cleaning up the eggy mess, my older daughter comes down from her nap noting that she had an ‘accident’ (potty training isn’t so glamourous at times!).  So, after changing clothes, doing some laundry, managing not to burn any cookies through this ordeal, and getting everyone entertained again, it was time to make dinner.

Ok, so it’s not that bad, and I am certain that anyone who has kids have their share of days where everything goes wrong.  With kids, you truly learn how to expect the unexpected!

Lately, I have been challenged by some of the scripture in Luke that we are going through in both church and in Pointgroups.  On a couple occasions, there are examples where Jesus goes off by himself and have time alone with God.  In Luke 5:16, the Bible says, “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”  I have been challenging myself to figure out where my ‘lonely place’ might be and how to spend time there in the midst of messes, laundry, dishes, cooking, and whatever else is thrown my way.  I don’t think it will look the same for all of us, and it may even look different depending on when and where we are at the moment.  For me, sometimes I can really connect with a worship song on the radio as I’m preparing dinner or maybe I can actually escape to a place where I can have a really great time connecting with God through His word or through prayer.

Where is your ‘lonely place’ and how often do you get to go there?  Can you go there even in the midst of chaos?  Jesus was a person who probably was sought after by many people, yet he was still able to escape from the demands to heal and teach and perform miracles.  I am convinced that even as a parent, when there is not a quiet place in my house, I can still find a lonely place where I can connect with God!

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