Celebration! Station in May

Dear Parents,

“Look how he has grown!”  “She is wearing the next size shoes.”

You have heard or made similar rmarks when a noticeable change in a child’s physical development has occurred. Physical growth is obvious.  Young preschoolers are also learning at a fast pace.  Mental growth is seen in the many things a young child accomplishes in the early years.

Spiritual development is a process.  Foundations are laid and built upon as a preschooler grows and develops.  You not only have a role, but a responsibility, to help in this process. (See Deuteronomy 6:6-7).  Consider the following aspects of early spirtiual training and development:

  • Does my child know that the most important people in his life can be trusted to meet his needs?  Amy I just as quick to meet emotional needs as I am to meet physical needs?
  • Do I sing or say words to my child that lets her know I love her and God loves her, too?
  • Do I delight in my child’s curiosity and his constant activity in exploring and discovering his world the way God planned?
  • Do I use everyday routines to set the stage for Bible teaching (for example, sing and thank God for the dog when my child is playing with the dog)?
  • Am I depending on God to prepare me to communicate His love to my child?

As partners with you in laying spiritual foundations, we teachers ask ourselves these questions.

This month at church, the unit theme is “Learn About Jesus.”  Your child will hear these Bible stories:

  • Work for Jesus’ Helpers (Based on Luke 6:12-16)
  • Lydia Learned About Jesus (Based on Acts 16:9-15)
  • Peter Learned About Jesus (Based on John 1:35-42)
  • Cornelius Learned About Jesus (Based on Acts 10-24-41)

We pray you enjoy the closeness of sharing God’s message with your child!

Celebration! Station

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