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This past week, we had a mission team up from Eagles Landing in McDonough, GA for a week to pour into our church and let us pour into them.  We served Brantwood Park all week by doing various crafts, games, and activities with the children.  So, we did start to form awesome relationships with some various children, nannies, and parents.  So the group as a whole got to represent Christ to each person we came into contact with and tried to sneak in ‘Jesus snacks’ the group adopted as the term of the week by Jason.  That is something I am trying to actively work on in my life.  Sharing Christ is something we as Christian’s talk often about-but practically speaking-in the last month how many people have you shared Christ with?  Not counting the week at Brantwood, my number is quite low (and that is what I came here for!).  However, Jesus calls us in Act 1 to GO and share the gospel in ‘Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the Earth.’  Practically speaking, this means ‘your city, your country, then the world.’  So though we are indeed called to other countries – as I personally am doing – we are also called to our city.  So you are just as much called to Ottawa, if not more, than I am!  You live here – do life here – go through up’s and down’s here.  Jesus COMMANDED us to GO and share Him with our city-with ‘those’ people that are drastically different than us.

So, I feel this is something that you have probably heard-but I know I often think, “Ok well that sounds great, but practically speaking how do I do that?”  Or you might think, “I am a full time mom, referee, wife, cook, cleaner, etc. so how in the world am I expected to do this?”  I for sure as a non-mom am nowhere close to having answers but I do feel as if I have read a few things that has helped me along the way.  One of the main things to practically do this-I will first off credit ‘Godspace by Doug Polluck’ because it’s where all of this is coming from-but it is to ENGAGE in conversations.

The key is to get your way into spiritual conversations; he does provide numerous ways in.

1.  ‘Noticing’ your way in’ – to see others as He sees them.

2.  ‘Serving’ your way in’  – demonstrate God’s love in random acts of kindness.

3.  Listening’ your way in’ – Seek to understand instead of being understood.

4.  ‘Wondering’ your way in’ – have genuine open-ended questions and interest.

Those are just a few random ways to get ‘in’ the conversation.  The book itself is a perfect dialogue of a practical ‘how-to’ book but these are the four ‘ways’ Polluck lists to get ‘in’!

Good luck on your endeavors of getting into some conversations at the park, pool, or even out walking!

In Christ,

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