Park Time

Hey gang!

The past few weeks I have been going to Brantwood park, simply painting faces and talking to kids and families and ultimately outreaching to the community that is at our back door. I have loved being able to easily start conversations with people by asking: ‘so y’all live close to here?’ and they usually say ‘yes we live right down this way’ and respond with ‘so you live close to here too?’ and I get to plunge into why I am here-Jesus Christ. However y’all living here don’t have that opportunity but you DO have the opportunity when you are at the park to say yes I live ‘so and so’ but I like coming here because my church meets in at Saint Paul and I just wanted to know the community surrounding us all and potentially insert a “Jesus Snack”. I want to encourage you that when you are at the park to view your purpose as to share Jesus-yes to play and talk with the kids and parents-but YOU are the light of the world-so be the light and don’t hide it under a blanket.

I wanted to give you some practical ways to pray for the community:

-many of them ‘know’ about Jesus and ‘know’ of church-but just aren’t interested. So pray for the Lord to help their ‘arrows’ to point more to Jesus using any means possible, and by using potentially YOU.

-you can also pray that this will happen in His timing; not in the timing we as fleshly C!C members want because it’s not up to us to save them but up to Him.

-it’s mainly nannies and young families like y’all at C!C-so pray that the Lord will use any means possible to show His face to them. They see so much of Him daily at the park through creation-so pray they realize and take the time to ponder that all of creation isn’t here by coincidence.

-quite a few grew up in church or some form of it but strayed away and now probably view it like they did as a child. So pray that their view of ‘church people’ will slowly change with points of contact.

-pray that when I go for my last few weeks here that I be bold in mentioning Christ to those I come into contact with and they be receptive to His name.

“The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working”       James 5:16b

In Him,


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