What I Learned in Ottawa

Hey there!

Summer is slowly coming to a fade and school is going to start soon which means I have to leave this beautiful city of Ottawa and trek it back to Mississippi. While pondering on what in the world to blog on I opted to talk about the top 3 things I have learned from my time here and what I plan to bring back. I will start with saying that this trip’s learning was not ‘knowledge’ but experience.

First off I saw first-hand what it is like to raise a family rooted in Christ’s love. Being raised in a non-Christian home; parenting styles are much different I quickly learned. I saw Jesus intercede daily through Jason and Carrie with His patience and strength to continue on through the day. I saw what peace that surpasses all understanding truly means while children yell and scream.

I also learned what being transparent and genuine mean. I go to a ‘Christian’ school however many people there aren’t Christian or they are there because of their parents faith. Obviously I know I have mine because it’s not my parents but being around so many shallow people makes you pretty shallow. So being here at C!C-people are very genuine and real about daily life; that each day isn’t the best day ever and to bring it to light. Also with sin; I feel I am more open with things I am struggling with because more people here are. I hope to be able to continue those things back at home starting with my friend group. To be able to open address what is going on in our lives.

I know I touched on this already previously however it’s still just as important to me. I saw and did the Sabbath on a weekly basis. Something I have never done in my Christian life and have missed out on. However I am glad the Lord brought me here to show me how crucial it is in our lives to glorify Him in each area that He asks us to.

There are plethora’s more of little things I learned but those are the top 3 things I wanted to share that I have gained from my internship here! Hope to come back someday again and see y’all again, relive this summer, and make more memories at Ottawa and C!C

Love your sister in Christ,


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