August in the Station

Dear Parents,

The Bible stories your child will hear this month at church will help him learn that God planned for families.

On August 5, your child will hear about the Lord’s Prayer in Luke 11:1-4.  We are having a special party in Children’s Church!  So, come join the party where we will be having lots of fun activities, and learning about ways we can pray for our city and our community.

August 12, we will talk about Ruth’s family, and we will learn that family members show love to one another.

On August 19th, Joseph’s family will help teach your child that families work together.

Then, on August 26th, the Bible story about Jesus’ Family will help your child know that Jesus went to church with His family, and God wants all families to go to church.

Talk about these Bible stories at home each week with your child.  Remember to use the Bible as you tell the stories.  When you child sees and hears you tell stories while holding the Bible, he will come to know that the stories in the Bible are real.  He will come to love the Bible and know that what is read in the Bible is real and true.

That you for sharing your child with us each week!

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