Why Minister Children?

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matthew 19:14)

It is reported that Moody once displayed two lit candles, one tall and the other short. He asked the audience which represented the child and which the adult. A member of the audience guessed that the tall one was the adult and the short one was a child. Dwight responded that the gentleman had it backward. The tall one represented the child who had his entire life yet before him to live, and the short one was an adult whose life was all burned up and who had only a short amount of time left to burn. He then asked, which has greater potential to impact the world for Christ? The child, of course. Reach the children and change the world! (Karl Bastian, Kidologist)

So, why minister to children?

Maybe because they are teachable? Maybe because they are a “blank slate”? Maybe because they are unbiased? Maybe because they need Jesus too?

Sometimes children are off our radar when we think of who we need to reach out to in our communities or in our realms of influence. After all, how to share the gospel with a two-year-old?! But, if we look at the model that Jesus presents to us, we are called to notice children just as we would any adult around us.

Yes, sharing the gospel with a child is going to look different than if you were to share it with an adult. It may look different as the child grows and understands different truths and concepts about who God is. It may require patience as God prepares the child’s heart. And, it may require creativity in how the gospel is presented or explained. But, just like anything else, it takes practice!

As our C! Station grows in size and as our children grow in age, it is important to equip ourselves in how to minister to these children. Likewise, in any ministry, it is important to equip ourselves so we can excel at what God has called us to do as C!C and as individual believers in Christ – celebrate the greatness of God by knowing Him and making Him known.

On March 3, we have a wonderful opportunity to partner together to equip ourselves to encourage and learn from each other, so I urge you to take part in the Volunteer Appreciation and Mobilization meeting that will be taking place after church. It is for anyone currently serving in C!C ministries or for anyone looking to get involved. For more information, talk to any of the leaders or check out the details below! See you there!

Because Jesus loves children,


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