August in the Station

Can you believe it’s August already?!  I am always so excited for the summer months, but then we get to the end, and I don’t know where the summer has gone!  Anyways, I hope you’ve been enjoying all the hot weather we’ve been having.  Here is what we are learning this month in the Station.

The topic this month is God wants me to be kind (community and world)

The stories we’re going to be reading this month are going to include:

  • Ruth and Boaz (Ruth 2:1-23, 4:17)
  • Jonathan Loved his Friend (1 Samuel 19:1-3, 20:1-42)
  • Jesus and the woman with the Crooked Back (Luke 13:10-13)

Don’t forget that August 14th, we’re going to be hosting our Celebration! Station Family BBQ with lots of fun activities for the kids and yummy food, so I hope you stop by to check us out!  You can find us at St. Paul’s (223 Main St.), and the BBQ will start at 5pm.  We hope to see you there!

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