Oct 10 2012

Tasty Inspiration Toward Meaningful Community

Life lessons from chicken pot pie?  You bet.


As I write this I’m thoroughly enjoying a bowl full of leftover chicken pot pie, and it totally inspired this devotional article, trumping the previous would-be topic.

Here’s how I believe the pot pie originated: once upon a time an resourceful mother opened her dry cupboard to find a random assortment of ingredients all on the verge of going bad.  A look into the root cellar revealed the same situation.  Not to be dissuaded from her mission of feeding her family and managing resources well she daringly glared at the pile of ragamuffin ingredients and . . . threw them all in the same pot.  After stewing everything for a proper amount of time with the necessary savory spices, she tasted her concoction and low and behold it was fantastic.  However, it looked terrible.  And this sharp-minded chef knew that her kids would certainly judge the dish by appearances.  So she did the most sensible thing in the world.  She covered the dish with a pastry.  And ever since, generations upon generations have enjoyed this culinary casserole-marvel, cleverly concealed under a crusty cover of awesomeness.

Here’s the life-lesson.  We are just like chicken pot pie.  We’re a messy conglomeration of feelings, histories, conclusions, hidden talents, hopes and hurts.  Most of the time we’re pretty sure that people will judge us if they could see our character-casserole, and so we work hard to cover ourselves with a nice fluffy pastry for others to look at.  And whenever we interact with folks, we typically only let them into the crust level – gotta keep things nice and sweet, buttery and safe.

And this is where REAL community comes in.  Gospel centered community is like the gleaming silver pastry knife that slices all the way through us, scooping deep to retrieve and dispense a hearty helping of the messy mixture hidden beneath the surface.  Now here’s the best part.  When we let Gospel community expose and share who we really are, we begin to find that the Holy Spirit has “seasoned” our lives in a wonderful manner in order to mesh with other people’s lives.  We find that the “real” part of each others lives are actually pretty savory and contribute to a well-balanced Body of Christ.

I wish to encourage everyone to take a purposeful step toward letting Gospel community bring out the most in your life.  So come on, pastry top, messy middle and all . . . it’s gonna be good.


May 1 2012

Summit check-in #1

Hey gang.

Robin and I have arrived in Nashville to warm weather 31oC and even warmer smiles.

We’ve met a handful of guys who all work with university students and hail from all across Canada. Tomorrow we join with hundreds more to be challenged and encouraged in our pursuits to make Christ known on campuses.

First though, we had to take in some quality local date … which means that I got to reach Robin about “real BBQ”! Here are our plates, compliments of The Judge.

Bbq meal

brisket, sausage, ribs, green beans, onion rings and 2 kinds of baked beans!

More to come.