May 3 2012

Summit check-in #3

Second morning is another beautiful, warm day in the south with a tell-tale sweetness in the air.  It reminds me of Georgia.

Last night ended with a great main session.  We proclaimed realities of the Lord’s great love for us in song, and we affirmed a message of truth from Gabe Lyons, an author and speaker.  The main focus of the talk was the importance of sharing the “whole story” of God’s work as we share with people . . . especially in a context like ours in Canada.  You see, sometimes we narrow our focus in “evangelism” to share about the fall (sin) and redemption (salvation).  But really, this is only half the story.  The story begins with creation, and how wonderful and complete and intentional God made everything.  The story ends with restoration, when all things find their proper place.   And that restoration is really where our hope lies.  We are redeemed unto life . . . full life, eternal life, restored life.  And in all things, because of redemption, His grace is sufficient to keep us restored and carry us to the complete work of ultimate restoration in heaven.

So . . . as we partake in and share the message of Creation — Fall — Redemption — Restoration, we join God in being Restorers.  Cool perspective.

Alright.  Now it’s off to breakfast and then more conference.

Blessings to all.

May 2 2012

Summit check-in #2

This morning started off well with some time in the work-out room, a continental breakfast, and some nice quality time with the Lord on the porch.

"poolside" quiet time

Then after a brief walk around downtown Nashville and the monstrous Lifeway building, Robin and I started the conference.  I enjoyed gleaning encouragements from a seminar on “dialogical apologetics” and a sociological perspective of the upcoming generation of university freshmen/first-years.  Robin went to a talk on a unique perspective on the next generation of Christian leaders and another one on an encouragement to life balance and spiritual growth in a demanding ministry environment.  Feel free to ask us about highlights if these seem interesting to you!